Kitchen Confessions III

Kitchen Confessions |

My family snapchats about carrots. It’s not weird at all.

I recently started keeping a 33-oz tub of hummus and a 4-lb bag of carrots in the fridge at work. And yet I scored reeeelatively low on this test. That means some of you out there have a real problem! Definitely not me, though… Nope, not me.

I have no idea what macros are. Seriously. (But I bet I could fix that easily.)

I am still eating pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast every day. Seasonal schmeasonal.

When I travel, I leave our fridge completely empty. And because of that, I’m pretty sure Nate has eaten more cheeseburgers in the past week than he’ll confess.

I’ve eaten more Biscoff cookies in the past week than I’ll confess.

I’ve eaten more restaurant meals in the past week than I’ll confess.

I’ve cooked fewer times in the past week than I’ll confess. OK fine: zero.

I’ve run 8 miles total since my half marathon.

That’s all the confessions that are fit to print! Enjoy your weekend, friends. I will be relishing my time not traveling by laying on the couch… probably eating carrots.

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  1. Dad says

    You come from a long line of carrot eaters (not so sure about the hummus). So the carrot part of it is probably genetic. Yep, there’s a gene for it, I’m virtually certain.

  2. says

    I love the dancing carrot! haha. I don’t know what macros are either.
    Also, it’s a good thing I don’t have to travel for work or Brandon would be eating frozen pizza and tacos with Morning Star crumbles the entire time. Seriously, what would they do without us?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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