Brunch Recipes For Your Easter Sweet Tooth

Brunch Recipes For Your Easter Sweet Tooth

Is Easter a major holiday for you? Easter celebrations vary so much, from spending hours at church to nibbling on Cadbury mini eggs all day. (Can you guess which one describes me? I practically have to stare straight ahead when passing the Cadbury mini egg display in the grocery store…) But no matter which camp you’re in, I think we can all agree that Easter brunch is something to look forward to – especially when it is basically dessert before noon. Sign me up! Here are the decadently sweet brunch treats I’m salivating over.

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Small Batch Chocolate Cupcakes with Goat Cheese Frosting

There is a time for whole grain flours, hiding vegetables in cakes, and nixing frosting in favor of a light dusting of powdered sugar.

Today is not that time.

And that’s because today is my 27th birthday!

Small Batch Chocolate Cupcakes with Goat Cheese FrostingSo no raw, gluten-free, vegan desserts today. It’s my party, and I’ll eat goat cheese frosting if I want to.

And I reeeeally want to.

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Christmas Cookies Recipes I’m Drooling Over

Christmas Cookie Recipes I'm Drooling Over

I should have one single Christmas cookie recipe for you on this Friday, but instead… I don’t.

Usually, I spend all my spare time daydreaming about food, and that provides some great inspiration for this blog. But since getting engaged, well, I bet you can guess the subject of my daydreams.

Looking at my recent pins should give you a clue…

I’m pretty sure my wedding obsession can’t keep going this strong for my entire engagement (right? right? married people, please advise!), and I’m determined to start my constant daydreaming about food again… for better and for worse.

So in lieu of one recipe from my kitchen, here are the MANY Christmas cookie recipes from other bloggers’ kitchens that I’ve been drooling over for the past week… when I’m not pinning wedding dresses and engagement photo ideas, that is. Enjoy!

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