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I was just looking back through my recent Analytics data, and chuckled to myself over some of the funny and random search terms that landed users on my blog. I couldn’t help but share with you. Dear searchers for the following things, I don’t think I have what you’re looking for:

- cheese that looks like chocolate

– chocolate from goat

– cobwebs in quinoa

– coffee flavored quinoa

– girl scout cookies political correctness

– his and hers simple wedding cakes with blue

– how to harvest quinoa in the fall

– i got you a goat but

– quinoa adapting

– who is the author of garlic coffee

– yoga cakes

And my personal favorite:

– what to call a girl when they call you peanut

I get lots of random searches for quinoa that land on my site. (More on that later in the week!) Do you see any patterns like that in search terms for your blog? Any funny ones?

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