Quinoa Fried Rice with Tofu

Quinoa Fried Rice with Tofu | coffeeandquinoa.com

OK, even I am rolling my eyes at the title of this recipe. Quinoa fried rice with tofu – can we get any more hippity dippity healthy food blogger over here?

I’m sorry, but I’m that girl. The one who loves tofu and is using a Peruvian grain/seed to make an Americanized, pan-Asian dish.

Sue me. It’s delicious.


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Carrot Farro Risotto

Carrot Farro Risotto | coffeeandquinoa.com

Before the wedding, I developed a zucchini recipe for the blog… then ran out of time to post it. I thought about sharing it this week, but you know what? I’m just not feelin’ it. The zucchini ship has sailed. And although I hate to say it, I have finally moved on to fall foods. I almost can’t believe it, because I feel like every year I’m even sadder to see summer go. I think it has to do with the beautiful Utah weather. Other bloggers start with the pumpkin recipes when it’s still 80 degrees here, and I’m all noooooooo. But now that it’s October and I actually have to wear a jacket when I leave the house in the morning, we can talk about warm, comforting food.

But maybe I will sneak a zucchini in sometime soon, just for kicks.

Not that this is a fall dish per se, but to me, risotto is a very wintery food. I mean, am I going to stand at the stove stirring for ages in the summer? Nein danke. Only when it starts to get dark and chilly can I commit to risotto.


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Layered Asian Salad with Sesame Ginger Dressing

Layered Asian Salad with Sesame Ginger Dressing | coffeeandquinoa.com

The final wedding countdown is on! 12 days, you guys. TWELVE DAYS.

Nate and I were in Atlanta this weekend at our friends Sara and Anthony’s wedding. Sara and I got engaged right around the same time, and were checking with each other as we planned our weddings to make sure we picked different dates. So all year, I’ve known that we were flying to Atlanta for their wedding, and then ours would be just around the corner. Being there this weekend made our wedding seem SO REAL!

Not to mention the fact that they had the most beautiful wedding ever. It was at her parents’ house (an old horse farm), very Southern rustic, very DIY. It was absolutely perfect, and I can only hope I’ll look half as overjoyed as I walk down the aisle as my lovely friend did! Except I know I’ll look terrified instead. I remember distinctly from my sister’s wedding the feeling of not being able to control my facial muscles as I walked down the aisle because I was so nervous. The chance of that happening at my own wedding is preeeetty much 100%. I will be clinging to my dad for dear life!

Layered Asian Salad with Sesame Ginger Dressing | coffeeandquinoa.com

I was crossing my fingers that I’d be going through a quiet spell at work in the weeks leading up to the wedding, to give me a little spare time to take care of last-minute wedding details. Instead, pretty much the opposite is true. Isn’t that always the way things work? Everyone is being super understanding, and I’m trying to stay focused and not take advantage too much. Because of that, easy salads like this are going to be our best friends over the next week or so!


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Cheesy Southwest Pasta Salad + a GIVEAWAY!

This post is sponsored by Pacific Foods.

Cheesy Southwest Pasta Salad + a GIVEAWAY! | coffeeandquinoa.com

I’m looking for ways to extend summertime.

The list I’ve brainstormed so far:

– Keep wearing white pants.

– Move to Arizona.

– Eat nothing but corn and zucchini until January.

– Heat lamps.

…other ideas?


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